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We are a locally owned family operated business located in Santa Fe.

Leland Titus Is a Licensed Realtor In the state of New Mexico.

Sell My Rental Property Fast

Do you have rental property in Santa Fe? Are you tired of being a landlord? You’ve come to the right place to sell your house. Don’t worry about the condition of the rental property. We can discuss all the details and come to terms before you put your signature on anything. Tired landlords rest assured, if you’re looking to sell your rental property in Indy then we’d like to buy it.

A lot of people become landlords for different reasons. How do landlords become tired landlords in Santa Fe or anywhere else? Quite simply,being a landlord is a tough job. You have all the issues with tenants living in houses you own and you still have all the issues as a homeowner. So it’s quite easy for a landlord to become a tired landlord in Santa Fe. We buy houses from tired landlords!

What are things that make landlords hesitant to sell their houses, even when they don’t want to keep them anymore?

They worry that the house needs repairs.
They worry that the house is ugly and won’t sell.
They worry about issues with tenants who trashed the place before they left.

We buy rental properties in the Santa Fe are, no matter what the condition. Tired landlords have all kinds of legitimate concerns. Maybe that last tenant who bailed was the last straw, but they wrecked the place inside and you’re worried no one will buy the place. We still will.

You will get a fair price for your rental house and get back the peace of mind you’ve been craving for a long time. We will look over your house and explain exactly what influences the price we offer to youbefore you sign any documents. Here’s what to expect:

A fair assessment of market value based on the home’s condition.
Details on how we arrived at the offered price.
If we can’t sell it quickly, we buy it! We won’t agree to work with you if that’s not the case.

You won’t be pressured into a decision feel free to ask as many questions as you need. Once you decide you wish to sell, you can sell quickly because we buy houses in any condition and you won’t have any hassles. Here’s what you won’t have to worry about:

Waiting for closing
Paying closing costs
Paying real estate commissions

Leland Buys Houses in Santa Fe from tired landlords all the time.  If you’re fed up with bad tenants and broken toilets the I’d like to make you an offer.  Let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk about a “Win-Win Solution. Give us a call and find out how to sell your house fast.

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