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Leland Buys Santa Fe Houses
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Santa Fe NM 87507
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Accredited Santa Fe, NM Home Buyer- Offering A+ Service 

Sell Your House Now!

We will Buy your home located in.....

Santa Fe/Eldorado/La Cienega
Los Alamos/Whiterock
Las Vegas

Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

…and every county that surrounds the Santa Fe city area.

We are a locally owned family operated business located in Santa Fe.

Leland Titus Is a Licensed Realtor In the state of New Mexico.

What To Expect When We Buy Your House:

  • Full disclosure of details on the price before a sale is made
  • Quick turnaround from start to finish
  • You pay NO real estate commissions
  • You pay NO closing costs
  • You get treated properly and WON’T be taken advantage of by us

We buy homes in Espanola for many different reasons. We help all sorts of people who need to sell their homes quickly for all of the following reasons:

  • The owner may be going through or just went through a divorce
  • The owner may behind on payments and wants to stop foreclosure
  • The house needs extensive or minor repairs that the owner can’t pay for
  • The house is intact but needs many expensive, cosmetic upgrades.
  • The house was acquired through inheritance and needs to be sold to fulfill the mandates of the will of the deceased

Work With An Honest Home Buyer In Espanola

No matter what the reason you need to sell your house quickly, we can help you. We buy houses in Espanola and other Northern New Mexico areas and counties and we pay cash fast for houses of all types. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or worried. Your situation is legitimate and help is on the way as soon as you contact us. Give us a call, text or an e-mail today and we’ll be in touch by tomorrow or sooner.

We Buy Houses In Espanola NM.

Are you trying to sell a house fast and having no luck? Lots of people will or are going to tell you why you can’t sell it. We’re here to tell you that you can, and we can also tell you how.

We buy houses in Espanola and surrounding areas. We pay cash fast for houses and when we say fast, we mean we can complete the entire transaction within a week so you can actually start living again and stop worrying. We are a local company who will treat you fairly and honestly.

Lots of “we buy homes” buyers will show an interest in your situation when you call, but only the best buyers will give you all the details up front without asking you to sign any papers or make any agreements. You deserve proper treatment and should expect nothing less. We buy houses in Espanola and we make our living locally. Our owners live right here in the Northern New Mexico area. Our success tomorrow depends on your success today.